Greetings from Portland!

Nearly a year in the making, but the Cummings family has moved once more. Apparently we like having a change of seasons and California was not a great fit for that, add in the cost of living/real estate and we knew we would be making a change sooner rather then later. So we put our sights up North, we had three target areas to start, Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland. We were already visiting Seattle for Geek Girl Con, so added in a visit to Portland last Fall, to get a feel for the areas. To make a long story short, Portland felt like home, so we looked around at some neighborhoods and came up with a game plan.

Fast forward through a ton of boring things, and we found a house, made our plans and we arrived a week ago, where we are still settling in.

What this means for Pumpkin Tree Lane is that I am finally getting back to work, not only that but I am finding new places everyday that I may be able to sell my art at a variety of fairs/markets. Lots of new opportunities to look into.

In the short term, I look forward to just settling in, getting the fence up so I can plot my garden and just enjoying getting to know my new community.



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